BIL Sweden

BIL Sweden was formed in 1941 and represents manufacturers and importers of cars, trucks and buses. Together our members represent 99% of all new registrations in Sweden.BIL Sweden is dealing with matters relating to automotive safety, automobile taxes, environmental protection, distribution, trade policy, traffic policy and Swedish and international regulations.

Within BIL Swedens five committees are active. The Technical Committee, the Statistics Committee, the Forecasts Committee, the Recycling Committee and the Information Committee.

BIL Sweden cooperates or is a member of among others the following associations in Sweden:

The Swedish Association for Motor Retail Trades and Repairs (MRF)
The Swedish Road Federation
Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
IVL (Swedish Environmental Research Institute)
TFK (Transport Research Institute)

BIL Sweden is also a member of the following international ​organisations:

OICA  (Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d´Automobiles)
ACEA  (Association des Constructeurs Européens d´Automobiles)
GTB (Group Travail Bruxelles)- dealing with automobile lighting matters
CEC (Coordinating European Council)- dealing with fuel matters