Autonomous - Software
Automated Test Generation (erbjuds av Mälardalens högskola)

The increasing competition pressure for rapid introduction of new or modified system versions is posing problems to properly testing software. These pressures have led many organizations to begin transitioning their development processes to agile development and continuous integration, greatly shortening the time available to conduct comprehensive testing.

In contrast to learning how to do manual testing, in this course you will learn how to generate tests automatically in the sense that test creation satisfying a given test goal or given requirement is performed automatically.

This course provides an understanding of automating software testing using program analysis with the goal of intelligently and algorithmically creating tests. The course covers search-based test generation, combinatorial and random testing while highlighting the challenges associated with the use of automatic test generation.

För vem: Avancerad nivå
Längd: 9 veckor, deltid 17%
Start: 9 november
Språk: Engelska
Kostnad: Gratis

Autonomous - Future transport
Transport Systems: Global Issues and Future Innovations

What are the challenges faced by today’s transport sector? How can transport professionals develop systems that meet the needs of the 21st century?

Get answers to these questions and more with this course exploring the future of transport. You will learn about effective transport planning and modelling, considering how transport solutions can become sustainable, reduce pollution and improve the health and safety of people across the world.

You will also consider how technologies such as connected and autonomous vehicles and high-speed rail might address global issues.

För vem: This course is for undergraduate students and mid-career professionals interested in a career in the transport industry.
Längd: 2 veckor, föreslaget 4 timmars studier/vecka
Start: När som helst
Språk: Engelska
Kostnad: Gratis